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They say that you dress the way you want to be addressed. Ring Contact Fighting arts clothing takes on the responsibility of making you get a lot of attention, while also showing off the style. After all, fashion is better when you have a specialist at hand to help you create unique looks. We offer a wide variety of clothing, ranging from shirts to buff your style. Partnering with us is easy anywhere in South Africa.
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Ring Contact Fighting Art (RCFA) is a unique martial art, designed around our unique circumstances. We are a proudly South African style since the 9th of December 1984. Our belief system includes sharing the Truth in what we do, and we have Christian believes and promote it in our style. Our style is based on the principles of Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Karate and Ballet. We believe our techniques enable you to defend yourself in any situation. We specialise in techniques and combinations. We maintain family values whereby we train people from as young as 5 years of age up to Veterans, whether you are male or female, everyone is welcome. Our classes assist everyone with the basic principles of self-discipline, self-respect, and respect towards others. It boosts your self-confidence, enhance leadership skills, improve fitness and balance, strengthens the core muscles, and help with focus and concentration. Your self-esteem and self-confidence increase in such a way that it helps eliminate bullying and help juniors to be more interactive. We believe in a holistic approach whereby we take into consideration the person, including their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Returns & Refund Policy

What if I am not happy with my Purchase ?
1 Goods that cannot be returned Not all of our goods are able to be returned for various reasons. Goods which are: • Sold by auction • Made to your specifications • Clearly personalized for you/club or provincial/district colors. Cannot be returned. However you can still get a refund if the goods were defective in some way (see our section on ‘defective goods’ below). 2 Unwanted products We allow you to return any goods or services not mentioned in the sections above even if they are not defective if: • They were bought in the last [7 days], and • They are still in their original packaging (for goods), and • They are unused, • They still have all the accessories or parts. After the [7 day] period you can only get a refund if the goods or services were defective. 3 Goods that were damaged on delivery Goods that are damaged on delivery are considered to be ‘defective goods and the same procedure for returning them applies. See how to do that below. 4 Defective goods or services Before you return any goods or services, please be sure that they really are defective. A defect is an important imperfection or failure in a good or service which causes the good or service to be less than an ordinary person would expect from the good or service. Goods that are damaged due to the reasons below are NOT defective: • Damage due to you using the goods incorrectly or contrary to what is set out in the instructions • Damage as a result of unauthorized changes to the goods, • Damage due to negligence or failure to care for the goods. Services which are inadequate are NOT defective for the reasons set out below: • Failure to comply with the instructions of the service provider, • Failure to provide any information on time that is necessary in order for the service to be provided If you receive any goods which are defective, then you can return them within 14 days of delivery of those goods or services to you. You have a right to a quality service which includes: • completing the service on time (unless there is an unavoidable delay in which case the cause of the delay must be communicated to you) • the service to be of a reasonable quality compared to what someone would ordinarily expect, • the return of your goods in the same condition as they were received (with the exception of fair wear and tear). Services that do not live up these requirements are considered to be ‘defective’. 5 How to return goods If you need to return goods, then please: • Contact us first to so we know you are returning the goods, • Package the products as safely and securely as you can with as much of the original packaging as you may still have and include all accessories that you received, • Mark your return goods as returned goods. We will contact you to set out precisely how we will pick up the goods you received. 6 Charges for returns If the goods are not defective, we can charge a reasonable fee for the delivery back to us. We will not charge a fee if the goods were defective. 7 Refunds You can decide if you want a replacement good or to be refunded credited towards your account. Please note if you ordered towards your specifications, no refund will be allowed, this includes special club clothing or Provincial Colors. If you choose to be refunded, then we will refund your purchase using the same method you used to buy the goods using the Netcash payment platform although all refunds must be processing into a bank account and cannot be made in cash.

Payment Info

Your Order IS on its Way
Payment and Shipping Information NB: This terms of this Payment and Shipping Information form part of the RCFAI (‘we’ or ‘us’) terms and conditions. PAYMENT 1 How to pay us You can pay us in a number of ways including: • [Credit card] We will require additional information for fraud detection and authentication purposes and if we do not receive it the order will be cancelled. • [Instant EFT] • [debit card] • [direct bank deposit] We do NOT accept payment by: • [cash on delivery] • [vouchers and coupons] [note, name the vouchers types] 2 Specific warranties you make when making payment If you are using a credit or debit card you warrant (guarantee) that: • You are authorized to use the credit or debit card, and • There are sufficient funds for the order. • Please read our terms and conditions for a list of the restrictions. 3 Errors in purchase prices While we take every effort to ensure that the prices reflected on our website are accurate, it is possible that there can be some errors about the purchase price. If we have made an error relating to the purchase price we will refund the purchase price to you as set out in our Returns Policy. We will not be responsible for any obvious errors in the purchase price on our website. SHIPPING AND DELIVERIES 4 Shipping / delivery methods Aside from electronic goods or services (like music or an ebook) our goods are delivered by means of: • [courier] • [collection from a collection point] • [collection from a branch or store] 5 Changing of delivery address We use a third-party courier to get the goods to you and so for security reasons we cannot change the shipping address once the order has been processed, so please make sure the shipping address is correct. 6 Shipping / delivery costs The shipping or delivery costs will normally be shown as part of the cost of the order. If the costs are not mentioned, then the cost of delivery is included in your order. Courier Cost are non, re-fundable, especially when the supplier/owner of website delivers your product by him or herself at your venue, home etc. 7 Delivery times Deliveries will be made [during business days (i.e. not on weekends or public holidays)] during business hours which are [08h00 to 17h00]. Normally the information in the order will indicate how long it will take before your goods are delivered. If this information is not included then the normal delivery times are [35 days] from the date of your order. If you have not received your goods [35 days] after you placed your order please contact us with your reference number so that we can help sort it out. If we discover we cannot deliver in the [30 day] period after you placed your order we will give you a choice to wait until we can make the delivery or you can cancel the transaction. 8 International deliveries We do not deliver internationally. 9 Incorrect goods delivered / broken goods delivered Please check the contents of your delivery as soon as possible (preferably when it is delivered) and report any damage / incorrect goods that you have received as soon as possible. Please remember to quote the order number so we can track your order and find out what went wrong. 10 Transfer of risk on delivery Once we have delivered the goods to you the risk in the goods passes to you. This means we are not responsible for any loss you may suffer if the goods are stolen or broken by you or someone who you give access to the goods and we are also not responsible for any damage or loss you suffer if you use the goods in a way they were not intended to be used or against the instructions. 11 Inability to deliver If you, or someone authorized by you is not available at a particular delivery address then we will try and deliver the goods [twice] more. If we are still unable to deliver the goods then we will cancel the order and refund the purchase price.

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